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This was a letter to the Dominion Post editor a few weeks after the Haiti Earthquake. Some Christian guy felt like the muslim countries did not contribute to the fundraising and donations. I tried to prove him wrong, but the Dompost refused to print or acknowledge my response to that, instead they opted to print a bible verse (will try to find that shortly) from John's Gospel about competing in good.

Below my response letter to the editor (it met all criteria)

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Hi there,

a while ago I sent this entry, however I never heard anything back. Can you please advise?


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I would like to submit the following letter in response to Mr Gray Thompson’s letter published on 05/02/2010 (exactly 200 words and checked for errors)
Islamic organizations within New Zealand and abroad have set up fundraising events and sent aid to Haiti from the first day after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. There was and is no need to show off and compete with other world wide organizations. Helping the earthquake survivors must have the highest priority.
Donating and helping those that are in greatest need is one of the pillars of Islam. Many Islamic organizations call for donations to the Red Cross as well and work hand in hand with UN, UNICEF and other international aid organizations.
For example Qatar has sent aircrafts and 50 tons of aid in food and medicine to Haiti on 15/01.
Princess Haya of Dubai personally oversaw the delivery of 90 tons aid just after the quake. On 23/01 Muslims for Humanity had 1.5 million USD ready for Haiti. The Middle Eastern nations steadily continue to donate and send relief. Muslim Children are still organizing fundraising school events all over the world. Iran has dispatched 30 tons of food and tents. The Government of Saudi Arabia has donated additional USD50 on 25/01. The Federation of Islamic Organizations http://www.fianz.co.nz/ has a Haiti fundraising account. May God bless every donating person.


Sabirah R.

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